Banking law

We provide personalized advice to our Clients in the event of Bank’s irregularities in the management of the contract and in case of liability in respect of financial investments.

The Firm, operating for years in the banking sector, can offer qualified assistance to its Clients.

After an initial free meeting in the Firm, having examined the documentation, we will evaluate the most suitable strategy to protect the interests of the Client, suggesting, if necessary, the opportunity to entrust accounting consultants – with the consent of the client – asking them to prepare an econometric report.

The designated expert will conduct an in-depth analysis of loans, current accounts and leasing in order to detect any irregularities in the management of the banking relationship and quantify the amount owed by the customer to the Bank or vice-versa.

The analysis will focus in particular on the existence of conditions, charges and interest illegally applied (due to compound interest, for maximum overdraft charges, for usury) in the various hypotheses of bank contracts and in the different forms of financing (such as current accounts, credit facilities, fixed or variable rate loans, with so-called “French-style” amortisation, etc…).

Subsequently, the Firm may assist the Client in the attempt of extra-judicial recovery and in the mandatory mediatory phase and then, if necessary, in the ordinary judgement.

The Firm also deals with banking disputes in the event of liability in respect of financial investments (such as derivatives, unit-linked insurance policies, bonds and investment funds).