Property law

Are You looking for an italian real estate lawyer? The Firm assists the Client in the purchase, sale or renovation of real estate in Italy.

We are able to perform a thorough “due diligence” in order to verify the structural conditions of the property, assess the market value and verify the existence of any property rights, charges, easements, rights of first refusal (for historical and agricultural properties) in accordance with current legislation.

If this control is not scrupulously carried out, the Client may find himself / herself in difficulty, risking to lose the sums already paid or waste resources unnecessarily to solve the problem.
On the contrary, our intervention is aimed at quickly and preventively focusing the existing problems so that it is possible to indicate in the preliminary contract the obligation of the promissory seller to resolve them by the date of the final deed.

To purchase the property, it may be necessary to have recourse to a loan from a credit institution and this can be a complicated issue, also in light of the lack of knowledge of Italian law and language difficulties.
We can assist You in your relations with Banks, having been worked since 1998 for credit Institutions with whom we can discuss in your interest financing operations in the most advantageous terms.

We can also help You to sell your property and from the seller’s side our intervention may be necessary because he / sher often encounters problems when the documentation is not up to date, clear and complete.