J.P. and M.P., english (Bagni di Lucca)REAL ESTATE PURCHASE

‘We appointed Enrico to help us with our house purchase in Tuscany, as we were concerned with our lack of knowledge of the Italian legal system. Although we had been assured that all would be OK with the purchase, within a week Enrico had discovered that the property did not comply with the latest planning requirements, something that no one else had picked up, and as such our purchase would not allow us to change anything, internal or external from the original plan. Thanks to Enrico, the planning application was made by the sellers before we completed the purchase, was all agreed, and we now have a wonderful house, as we always wanted it to be from the start. Without Enrico and his practice, we would have ended up in a protracted legal battle over planning, and may never have been able to complete the purchase, so we are extremely grateful for everything he did for us.