“One of the best decisions when I bought property in Italy was to entrust the legal support to Enrico Lattanzi ‘s law firm.
He led the negotiation process, ensured that all verifications, background checks and all due diligence were done properly, at the same time helping in all essential elements along the way including establishing a rapport to a bank, tax documents etc.
He managed the contractual phase for me and made me understand the relevant decision points along the way.
He also put me in contact with an outstanding architect.
Only in hindsights can I fully appreciate the value of all this, now living here for a while, having avoided all the potential pitfalls which can be time consuming and costly.
At the same time the process was easy and fun – and, as all was conducted in English -there was never a question of being clearly understood, even more important for me, as I was trying to arrange most of this from abroad.”